Cross Eyes

Cross Eyes 1.2

Stop dots from making cross eyes at each other


  • 4 board sizes
  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Can lock columns


  • Can be really difficult

Very good

Cross Eyes gets you hooked as soon as you start playing. Your goal is to stop all the dots from giving each other the cross eye. Once you've eliminated them all you can go on to a more difficult board.

The game requires quick thinking and observation. You can increase the difficulty quite substantially by choosing from 4 board sizes and difficulty levels.

Lock columns and you'll be up against a real challenge.

The game play is easy enough for anyone, but the game can prove really challenging after a while.

Even leaving it on easy but upping the board size and locking columns can be tough. That's what gives Cross Eyes a good game life and makes it an original time waster.

Cross Eyes is a puzzle game with a simple premise: Stop dots from making cross eyes at each other by separating matching pairs. Four levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Really Hard, and Impossible), four board sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), and now the new "Column Locking" feature, make for many degrees of challenge and untold hours of amusement.

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Cross Eyes


Cross Eyes 1.2

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